Up-leveling my team’s confidence in public speaking

I lead a team of trainers for our Bank’s wealth managers.

In the past, I ran 95% of all the trainings and seminars. The fact was I presented too much and my team too little. We wanted to change this proportion as a way for all of us to grow.

I decided to try group hypnotherapy to address the roadblocks the team had in public speaking. We invited Astuti and Selina to hypnotize our team and myself in our office.

This helped! Combining the group hypno session together with our team goal of getting my team out on stage definitely had an impact.

The proportion of the work has shifted to me doing only 70% of the training. This is a great achievement!

Astuti and Selina were very understanding, knowledgeable and challenging in a good way. Their profound banking background made it, of course, easier for them to understand the corporate world and the issues we face when presenting to and training “corporate soldiers”.

If you are thinking to have a group hypnotherapy session for your team, my recommendation is to define your goals precisely and encourage your colleagues and team to be open-minded. Give it a try. There is nothing to lose!


Annik Kapila, UBS Wealth Management

Zurich, Switzerland

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