Empowering myself to decide for the life and career that make my heart sings

I came to see Astuti because I knew I wanted some changes in my life.

I’ve been working for many companies over the past years, without ever being satisfied with the job or the company.  I knew something was wrong but I didn’t really know what. I just knew I couldn’t keep on changing job every year or so.

I’ve heard before about hypnotherapy and I knew it could bring some results. This is why I contacted Astuti.

Astuti is a very nice person; she made me feel comfortable instantly. You can see she loves what she’s doing and she’s very talented at it.

It is a weird sensation to be hypnotised, it’s like you’re still conscious but your unconscious is talking.

I discovered things about myself I didn’t know before. It helped me understand why I was making all the decisions I did. It also explained why I was doing or feeling certain things.

Since the session and after having listened to the recordings over 21 days, I have decided to change my life and to work for myself. I’m still in the early stage but I know this is what I want to do and that I will succeed.

Without the hypnotherapy, I’m not sure I would have been able to take this step.

I think hypnotherapy helps you discover more about yourself, the reason why you are who you are today. And knowing this, it can empower you to change and improve yourself.



Zurich, Switzerland

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