Healing my beautiful Arabian horse from shock, trauma and grief

I met Astuti, a former colleague of mine for lunch, when she told me that she was qualifying in „Emotion Code“.


I had heard about the method of releasing trapped emotions in our psyche and body and was fascinated. When she told me that it also works with animals, I seized the opportunity and asked her if she would work with my horse Ghazal. She did and I am so glad I asked her.


My horse, Ghazal, is from Egypt. I fell in love with him on a trip to Cairo in 2002 and brought him to Germany in 2003 in an adventurous journey.


He was already 15 years old and I knew very little of his prior life, only that he had belonged to a 16 year old girl from a noble family in Kuwait and sold to the stable in Cairo a couple of weeks before I met him.


The trip to Germany by air plane was traumatic and it took him 2 years to adjust to his new home, the climate, food, English riding method and certainly the culture (no Muezzin singing at 5 am every morning, no camels, no donkeys running around and no horses galloping through the narrow streets of Gizeh). 


Ghazal and Canazei

Everything improved when he met Canazei, an old, wise English Thoroughbred, ex racing horse like Ghazal.

They formed an instant bond and became inseparable – until…..a beautiful sunny day, on February 17th,  Canazei, who had the box opposite Ghazal was unable to get up. 

He struggled for hours and even with the help of four strong stable hands, could not get up. For horses this is practically a death sentence because being on the ground too long, causes their organs to fail and they die. 

Ghazal witnessed all this and was very anxious, calling out for his friend and running back and forth in his box.

Canazei died with his head in the lap of his life long owner, my best friend, in the evening. After everybody was gone, Ghazal was let into the box of his dead friend to say a last „Good Bye“. 


Ghazal was in shock, he grieved deeply and aged years before my eyes within a week. I tried everything to cheer him up, but nothing worked. It was like he was seeking refuge deep inside himself and nothing and nobody was able to coax him back to life.

All his mischievousness, his joie de vivre had suddenly left him and what was left was an empty shell of the horse I had known.


Astuti did 4 full remote sessions with him and the effect was incredible!

She unraveled the shock, anger and grief of abandonment, where it was lodged in his body in the first session.

But then it was like peeling an onion, she peeled away layers of hurt, trauma, hatred, loss, confusion, humiliation, (hidden) vulnerability, sadness and she was able to see where the emotion were trapped in his body.

It came as no surprise to me that all the trapped emotions were in parts of his body where he has had former injuries, or was always tense. 

What was really amazing was the immediate effect it had on him.



While before, he had been depressed, his eyes had lost the spark and shine and he was without energy, after the session, he was totally changed.

He was fully present, awake, full of energy and it was like he was finally back. With every session, he got stronger, livelier and out of a sudden, he was back, naughty, sparkling, ALIVE!

This horse looked years younger again, he kept his head erect, his body was full of energy and he was running, jumping and „dancing“ again. 


Since Astuti’s sessions, Ghazal has never „fallen back“ into depression. Her work did, in fact, heal him completely from his past trapped emotions.

I am eternally grateful for the fantastic work Astuti did for me and Ghazal.



Zurich, Switzerland

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