Preventing burnout by changing my mind-sets and turning destructive habits into positive ones

A colleague of mine who had gone through a burnout a few months earlier made me aware that I looked like being close to one, too. And she was right: I felt exhausted and unhappy with my overall situation without being able to identify the cause and without having any idea what to change and how. I was running in circles. As I did not have much energy left it took me a while to contact Astuti, whose number my colleague had kindly provided.

What I remember most about the coaching process is that I felt much better right after the first session. Astuti showed me how to look at things in a positive manner and how to improve my daily life with little effort.

The coaching sessions with Astuti help me to better understand the reasons behind my situation, the topics and interdependencies in my life and how to deal with these, going forward, without becoming destructive. I learn that it is possible to turn something bad into something good.

Working with Astuti brought a great change into my life in a positive way. Astuti has a lot of empathy and listens without judgement, which makes it a pleasure to work with her despite the toughness of the topics are.

Astuti allows me to approach things at my own pace and on a loose lead but recognizes immediately when I am procrastinating and follows up when needed. By asking the right questions, Astuti triggers a learning process, allowing me to manage my life and handle difficult situations on my own, whilst giving hints and guidance whenever I am stuck or falling back into old habits. Thank you, Astuti, for the meaningful discussions!

I think that everyone, irrespective of the situation he/she is in, can benefit from working with Astuti.

Astuti applies a holistic approach, meaning that coaching with Astuti is something everyone can benefit from, including people like me who do not believe in esoterism and do not feel he or she needs a psychologist.

I feel privileged to have had the chance to work with Astuti. From my own experience, I can only recommend you NOT to hide behind destructive habits but to do your best to make a change, which has much higher chances of success with the help of Astuti.

LC, corporate lawyer
Zurich, Switzerland