Letting go my fears when transitioning from the corporate world to become a business owner 

At the time I was in touch with Astuti, I had a lot going on and I really needed help in getting focused on setting up my own business. I needed support to let go the fears that stopped me feeling confident in choosing the right steps to do what it took to get it done.

In the session, I was taken through the process of going back to the past and to understand how my current challenges have been created by  the patterns of thoughts made in the past, distant past. These were the patterns that were causing disruptions in the current time even though they happened a long time ago, until I did the session.

I remember being very emotional and being surprised by how easy it was doing the session over Skype. It was much easier than I thought to go 100% with the process and just be fully in it.

At the time, the session with Astuti was specific about my business and gaining my confidence. It really helps to keep me on track. I am completely running my own business now without any fear or the stress that I thought I might be experiencing.

It was very easy working with Astuti. She is very caring, supportive, and she holds the space for you completely with no judgment.

My suggestion is to be very clear of what you want to work on so you get clear result. Having the recording that I listened to afterwards was very helpful and specific. I knew it was what I needed. Some days I just did not want to listen to it, and it was reinforcing the fact that I really needed it and that I was just trying to run away from dealing with my challenges.


Karlie, Owner of Open to Life Kinesiology

Newcastle, Australia


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