Turning vulnerability into strengths during the time of change 

I believe I was ready for a transformation. I acknowledged certain issues that I faced and there are certain things I wanted to improve within. I also realized that some of those issues were deep rooted in my past experiences or it was a belief that was still strongly instilled within me.

At first I was scared because AlmareaRTT session was to be done on skype. I was also worried that it would be a mystical process or that I would lose consciousness.

What I experienced was a pure state of calmness. Astuti facilitated me to look back to experiences that happened in my past and to be completely honest about how I felt about them. It was a moment of truth and honesty.

After the session, I feel that I am more authentic, more honest about who I am as a person. I am able to understand why things happened, to accept these experiences that has shaped me the way I am today, and to feel grateful for them.

I am very comfortable with Astuti. She listens without judgment, enabling conversations within me, gives insights and new perspective about how I can understand myself better, reinforces the positive strengths within me, acknowledges my natural strengths. All these help me to feel complete and enough.

My main recommendation is to ensure that you are ready for the changes, ready to do the work, and ready to get in touch with your authentic self.  Why? Because it is not comfortable yet it will uplift you. You need to be ready for the inconveniences, knowing that it would lead you to a better and fuller version of yourself.

Inez, author of Turn Right, a journey to purposeful careers

Bali, Indonesia

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