A message from Love: I am safe.



Letting go of toxicity in our life is daunting. This is why many don’t do it until it gets to a point where it is unbearable.

Such difficulty is rooted in the habit of tolerating the situation, the person, the substance, or whatever it is that contributes to the toxicity, little by little for too long, that we become used to it. In severe cases, we become toxic ourselves. 

Until something profound happens to wake us up to this situation. 



That is usually when love flows into our lives.

Love is safe – even when it shakes us open and awake.

Love reminds us of what can be instead. 

Love opens up paths to what is possible. 

Yet, when this happens, we often feel scared.


Be sure that you are clear about what you feel scared of.

Be clear that it is not LOVE that you are scared of, but the breakdown of what is less than love: old habits, mindsets, structure, personality, etc. – all that you’ve built for so long, believing that this was the right thing to do. 


The breakdown of your OLD/PAST self brings up fears.

As you have clarity about what you fear, you can face and move through it with focus.



The truth is love STRENGTHENS and EXPANDS what you have built when it is in alignment with your soul. Even within this movement, we continuously break down a part of us that no longer serves us.

When who and what you are is not in alignment with your soul, love BREAKS it DOWN for you. Usually, it happens like a tornado or earthquake – fast, furious, uninvited, or unexpected.

It comes when your soul calls it in, bypassing your mind!



The beauty of life is that the Universe is always working with and for you. Keep this perspective as you work through the steps of rebirth or rebuilding.

At the end of the day, your soul is always attracting love because it is love 💖


With love,



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