How has your life well lived?



Last night, I got the news that a friend had passed away.

Such news always reminds me that nothing is promised, especially time.


As I prayed for her soul’s journey home, I sat with immense gratitude for the time I have had and still have. I also looked back into my life’s timeline. 


After some time, I concluded – my life is well lived. 


I just have not appreciated it enough – there is still an imbalanced appreciation and gratitude for my journey compared to the achievements.  


I promise myself to be better – to appreciate the journey more, way more than I do to date. 

This way, I can appreciate the miracles that continuously unfold. I could see in hindsight that my life has been nothing short of miraculous and divinely guided.


I am sure yours is too.


Let’s acknowledge and celebrate it 🌷💖


With love,


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