How old is too old to restart your life?




I am one of those people who genuinely believe that everyone is meant to reinvent themselves multiple times during a lifetime. Some do this through work, some in personal lives, and some in both.


What I believe to be true is that everyone has their unique path along with their timeline.


Human is cut for this type of re-invention. Our mind is vast, and our brain’s neuroplasticity immensely helps us to do so, especially when we keep our physical and emotional health well.


I am no exception. I’ve re-invented myself multiple times.


One of them is when I became the captain of my career vessel when I was 38 years old. I decided to become self-employed despite a clear and promising corporate career path available for me then. The calling to take a leap of faith was very strong.


I started in a field that I knew very well (Executive Recruitment and Human Resources) for almost two decades before jumping ship into a different direction and field altogether (to become Subconscious Mind Reprogrammer and Life Coach) when I was nearly 42 years old. There was an overlap period for about one year before I started full time in my current tenure in 2016.


Ilana Jankowitz started her current career when she turned 50 years old. Every day is a learning day for her, yet a lot of expertise and wisdom that she’s gathered for decades working in a different sector proves to be useful for her in building her business.

In this upcoming podcast episode, I sit down together with Ilana Jankowitz. Together, we reflect on our respective journeys in changing our careers to the ones we individually are on now. We both are following our callings. The trips were intense, yet both of us would not like to be anywhere else other than where we were. 


Ilana JankowitzIlana is a Switzerland-based Money Mindset Coach who works with Female executives and business owners who wish to have healthier money beliefs so they can grow as women and as professionals successfully.

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