I’m changing. What’s next?




I’m changing. What’s next?


You may have this question if you have gone through the sessions in the “Unconditional Self-Love Embodiment” program that I shared on my YouTube channel.


Before answering that, let me first share my deepest congratulations to you! I know you are not the person you were at the beginning of this program. Well done!


One of the most common questions I receive when my client is about to complete a program is – how can I sustain the change on my own?


The answer is quite elaborate:

  • Honour the changes you’ve had in these past few weeks and integrate them;
  • Celebrate YOU for choosing to go through such a profound process for what you wish;
  • Commit to what you want to do to follow up on some learnings and questions;
  • Commit to keeping new relevant habits.



You are the one who knows how much and how deeply you’ve changed. Acknowledge yourself, celebrate yourself, and commit to yourself more!


As you reach the end of the program, you can commit to following up on key insights, questions, discussions, and learnings that occurred during it.

Most importantly, commit to at least one new habit for the next few months.

Make your plan: do what by when. Having a plan is important so you won’t feel lost after such a profound shift.


New, relevant habits are key to your changing behaviours. Due to the subconscious reprogramming activities that you’ve done in this program, continuing with a new habit will not be difficult.


Change within will ask you to change how you connect with your outer world. Be prepared to receive some questions from others who sense your inner shift.


Some people will be pleased about it, some won’t. Just know that it is part of you leaving your old self behind.


You don’t need to justify yourself if you don’t want to. Just help people to get to know your “more authentic” self and teach them how to interact with you. Your boundaries will change, and you need to re-educate people about that.

It may feel uncomfortable initially, but it will get easier as you do it – trust me!



This is what session 7 (the final session) of the “Unconditional Self-Love Embodiment” program is about.


It helps you integrate all of what you have learned and processed, assess the shifts in how you love yourself, and create an action plan to sustain this new state of being and healthier habits beyond the program.  


The subconscious mind reprogramming will help you unblock limiting and unconscious patterns that work against you in making and acting on wise and loving choices to keep loving yourself unconditionally.


Enjoy it.


Congratulations on choosing to love yourself unconditionally.

I am honoured to have the chance to support you in your journey.


I wish you a wonderful life ahead. I know that you will thrive more in an authentic way.


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In gratitude and with love,



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