Who am I when I can’t…?




Who am I when I can’t achieve anything anymore?
What am I when I can’t achieve anything anymore?

These were the questions that I had to face as I rose from burnout at the end of 2008.

Never had I imagined that I had to face these types of questions ever until I had to.

Sitting with these two questions triggered so many intense and heavy emotions. My body tensed up, and anxiety rose up. It took many weeks to get comfortable with the questions. I had to answer them, though. The answers were going to be the foundation of my life, which I wanted and needed to rebuild.
I thought I knew who I was, that I knew my identity. I was convinced that being a go-getter and an achiever was a part of my identity.
During this period, I learnt that they were not even a part of my identity. Achieving and go-getting were something I did, but not who I was.
Moreover, through this process, I learnt that life is a journey of embodying MORE or LESS of who I am.
Experiencing burnout was a consequence of my life choices (mostly unconscious!). Until then, more of my choices unconsciously led me to embody less and less of who and what I truly am. I was on the path of “exceeding (others’s) expectations” and not “honouring what matters to me.” I was on an unhealthy, constricting path without realising it.
It was obvious that I had to change direction, and I did. I changed lanes, and I’ve been staying in this lane since.
Identity is not the same as roles, functions, or purpose. Identity is much deeper than that.
Your true organic identity is the signature vibration of your soul.
Roles, functions, and purpose are the ways or channels through which you express your identity. Two people who have the same exact roles would emanate different vibrations when they perform their roles. Everyone is unique.

To lead a peaceful and fulfilling life, you need to make a decision that feels true to you. This requires reconnecting with your essence/soul energy (which is your organic identity), and session 6 of the Unconditional Self-Love Embodiment program may support you in this process.
Session 6 focuses on deepening your understanding of what and who your AUTHENTIC SELF are. You will learn about how your current identity was developed and how that often disconnected you from your authentic selves.
You will do a comprehensive reflection to remember, recall, and reconnect to your essence. This profound understanding will help you create healthier and deeper meanings for your life experiences in the past, present, and future.
The subconscious mind reprogramming in this session will help you to reconnect with your essence/authentic self with much more ease and joy throughout your life.
This module is one of the most important in this program, as it jumpstarts a truthful reconnection between you, your authentic self, and unconditional self-love.
Take your time doing this session, and enjoy it! It is a sacred journey that will bring you back home to yourself.

Thank you, and enjoy session 6! 


In gratitude and with love,



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