Commitment to self-love




It was on February 20, 2015, that I “officially” committed to myself to consciously and unconditionally love myself.

I remember the date because I was with my dear friend Selina when I did. We just had a Chinese New Year lunch. I went to a shop near the restaurant and found this eternity ring. I got it, and it is a symbol of this conscious choice.
The Universe heard me.

So many things started to move towards me to align myself with my soul calling that year.

Among others, I began my journey as a Subconscious Mind Reprogrammer (building up a new business) and started to support my mum’s dying process (I took six months off for two years to be with her in Indonesia until she passed away in 2017). 2015 was also the year when my mum started to have dementia.
2015 – 2017 was a period filled with emotional and physical roller coasters, with many beginnings and endings, one after another.

I started grieving before my mum passed away.
I grieved the loss of connection with my mum as dementia took over more and more. In it, I also witnessed the beauty of dementia for my mum.
I started grieving about leaving a professional field I was good at to enter unknown territory and start over.
Everything I knew and had was changing.
Due to my commitment to love myself, I could stay grounded, focused, and present despite occasionally being exhausted and overwhelmed. I felt anchored despite the storm that happened in my world.
During that period, self-love means being honest with everything, especially myself.
I allowed myself to feel all kinds of emotions, to cry as long as I needed, to ask for help, to ask myself difficult questions that needed to be processed.

I shared with one of my best friends how I was not sure how to connect to Indonesia after my mum died. There would be a house to visit, with no one in there.
I wondered what life would be like without parents anymore.
These were questions that needed to be honoured. For me, it was a form of self-love.
When I felt disoriented due to the intensity of my experience, I asked my heart what to do. The answer was always the same: “Honour your soul, be courageous, do what you can, and ask for help from the Universe.”

Every time I heard this answer, I felt I could breathe deeper.
Honouring my soul is a form of self-love.
Loving ourselves unconditionally requires continuous commitment and intimate connection with ourselves. It requires us to choose love regularly.

There are days when it would be harder to do so than others. Yet, this is what it means when you want to embody unconditional self-love. You honour yourself as much as possible, and you act on it.
Session 5 of the Unconditional Self-love Embodiment program is about deepening your understanding of what it takes to be fully committed to yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You will learn about unconscious systemic loyalty and unconscious promises that may create profound hurdles to do so. You will also learn the role of emotions in your life and how emotions always carry messages and wisdom to ease your life and keep you in flow and sync with it.
I honour you for loving yourself unconditionally.
I certainly hope what is on offer here would be a support for your decision.

Thank you, and enjoy session 5! 

In gratitude and with love,



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