What’s the worst thing that can happen to you when you get what you wish for?



“What is the WORST thing that can happen to you when you GET what you WISH for ?”


This is one of the most powerful questions I always ask my clients when they decide to have my support to move towards their fulfilling life.


It is a question that will linger with them for a long time, and the answers will come up at many different times since they start planting this question in their consciousness.


One hundred per cent of the time, the answers brought out deep fear or shame or guilt or all of them that was locked in and buried deep within their heart and body.


Some can pinpoint where such beliefs and emotions may come from, some not because these are unconscious in nature.


Facing these unconscious thoughts, emotions, and beliefs is a crucial part of the deep work for living a fulfilling life.


I invite you to ask yourself this question.

Write it down. Sit with what comes up and acknowledge them with kindness to yourself. Even when it is uncomfortable, as you are connected to this gripping energy, you open up a treasure box that will lead you to what you wish for when you follow them up well.



With love,


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